Psionic, a Hampton, Virginia-based company, has recently been chosen by NASA as one of twelve esteemed companies to collaborate on cutting-edge technology development. These partnerships will significantly contribute to NASA’s ambitious Moon to Mars objectives. Alongside Psionic, the selected companies include Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin, The Boeing Company, Canopy Aerospace, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Maxar, Phase Four, Roccor LLC (Redwire), Sierra Space, Stratolaunch, and Venturi Astrolab.

Under the unfunded Space Act Agreements, NASA will grant these companies access to its world-class facilities and unrivaled technical expertise. This collaboration will directly support the development of a wide array of critical technologies, propelling the space agency’s mission to Mars and beyond.

Together, these companies will work on advancing diverse technologies such as metallic thermal protection systems, friction stir welding, thermoplastic composites, durable lunar rover tires, navigation Doppler lidar applications, and in-space manufacturing technologies. By pooling their resources, the companies will accelerate technological progress, making it feasible for humans to live and work on the Moon and eventually Mars.

The primary goal of these collaborative efforts is to achieve significant advancements in space technology. As NASA’s strategic partners, these companies will develop novel technologies that will bolster commercial space capabilities, paving the way for future space exploration.

Through this unique initiative, Psionic and the other selected companies will have the opportunity to tap into NASA’s 60 years of experience in space exploration technology. This access to a wealth of knowledge and innovation will undoubtedly catalyze the growth and enrichment of the vital technologies needed for humankind’s journey to Mars and beyond. Psionic started as a REaKTOR company and has now grown Psionic has grown to nearly 50 engineers and staff.