By Tim Ryan

**Alt Text:** A man wearing a blue blazer and khaki pants is giving a presentation at a podium with the National Institute of Aerospace logo. Behind him, a slide shows the founding team of a startup, with pictures and names of the team members and an advisory board. An American flag is visible on the left side of the image, and an audience member is seen from behind in the foreground.

Jude Augustine pitches Tidal Flight to Mike Doyle of Goldin Ventures.

In a distinctive encounter that underscores the uniqueness of Hampton Roads’ tech scene, Mike Doyle from Goldin Ventures embarked on a journey from New Jersey specifically to meet with the founders at REaKTOR, Hampton’s esteemed tech innovation center. This personalized visit was not a pitch event but an intimate opportunity to connect directly with the people at the heart of local innovation.

During his time at REaKTOR, Doyle engaged with six innovative founders, each of whom showcased their ventures with a depth of passion and earnestness that left a significant impression. These discussions spanned various technological domains, demonstrating the breadth of creativity and problem-solving acumen within the Hampton Roads entrepreneurial community.

Reflecting on his interactions, Doyle noted, “The teams in Hampton were earnest, felt like they were investing in something meaningful and substantial. There was no arrogance or entitlement. You could feel their substance. It helps restore your faith in humanity.” His observations highlight a refreshing lack of pretense and a focus on substantial, impactful work—qualities that distinguish the local tech culture.

Mike Doyle, President of Goldin Ventures addresses the founders at REaKTOR.

Doyle’s visit provided a valuable exchange of ideas and feedback, giving the REaKTOR founders an exceptional opportunity to gain insights from a seasoned investor. His commitment to making the trip solely for these discussions illustrates the growing recognition of Hampton Roads as a burgeoning hub for genuine, impactful innovation.

This visit also emphasizes the nurturing environment REaKTOR creates for its entrepreneurs, fostering business growth and a community deeply rooted in meaningful technological advancement. It’s a testament to how individual connections and sincere dialogue can significantly propel a region’s tech and entrepreneurial ambitions forward.

Tamishia Henry, founder of Good Steward, pitching her business.

As Hampton continues to evolve into a center of innovation, the personal investment of figures like Mike Doyle and the support of platforms like REaKTOR are vital. These efforts help cultivate a tech ecosystem where integrity and substance are as valued as ingenuity and technical prowess.

In summary, Mike Doyle’s visit to REaKTOR reflects the strong, substantial character of innovation brewing in Hampton Roads. It’s not just about creating businesses but about fostering an environment where technology serves humanity, proving that true innovation is as much about people and values as it is about ideas and execution.