By Tim Ryan

Hampton Roads, Virginia – REaKTOR, a cornerstone of innovation and technology in Hampton Roads, proudly celebrates the significant achievement of VroomBrick, one of its most dynamic startups, at the Start Peninsula 2024 Micro Pitch competition. Held on March 20th, this competition showcased the brightest entrepreneurial talents in the region, with VroomBrick emerging as a standout for its revolutionary real estate platform aimed at simplifying home buying and selling for military families.

VroomBrick’s victory highlights its commitment to innovation and excellence and underscores REaKTOR’s role in nurturing groundbreaking ventures that promise to reshape industries and communities. By offering crucial resources, mentorship, and support, REaKTOR plays a pivotal part in startups like VroomBrick’s journey toward achieving their vision and making a lasting impact.

This accolade from Start Peninsula 2024 propels VroomBrick into the spotlight, positioning it as a key player in Hampton Roads’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is a testament to the fertile ground REaKTOR provides for the germination of innovative ideas and the development of businesses ready to tackle significant challenges.

As VroomBrick prepares for the Championship Pitch event on November 6th, with the chance to win further funding and support, REaKTOR continues to foster an environment where technological advancements and entrepreneurial spirit can flourish. This achievement serves as a sense of inspiration for other startups in the region, encouraging them to innovate, excel, and contribute to the vibrant future of Hampton Roads.

REaKTOR, alongside its partners and the broader Hampton Roads community, looks forward to continuing its support for VroomBrick and other innovators poised to drive forward the boundaries of technology and business. For more information about REaKTOR and its programs, please visit REaKTOR’s website.