By Tim Ryan

Hampton Roads, Virginia – REaKTOR, the premier technology innovation center in Hampton Roads, is thrilled to announce the addition of VroomBrick to its growing community of pioneering tech companies. This collaboration underscores REaKTOR’s mission to drive technological advancement and support the development of groundbreaking solutions across high-tech, space, autonomous systems, and advanced manufacturing sectors.

VroomBrick, distinguished for revolutionizing the real estate market for military personnel by dramatically reducing closing costs, aligns with REaKTOR’s focus on fostering deep tech businesses poised to address critical global challenges. As REaKTOR continues to empower entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists with the tools and resources needed for validating, commercializing, and scaling innovative technologies, VroomBrick highlights the center’s dedication to building a dynamic ecosystem that fuels transformative ideas.

Located in Hampton, Virginia, REaKTOR offers its members a comprehensive suite of services, including free advisory support, access to a network of expert researchers, and centralized office and lab spaces. Through its partnership with the National Institute of Aerospace, REaKTOR has facilitated essential connections for inventors and entrepreneurs, significantly impacting the trajectory of numerous projects.

With VroomBrick joining the REaKTOR family, both entities anticipate leveraging their collective expertise to further the development of innovative solutions that promise to reshape industries and communities. This partnership reinforces Hampton Roads’ position as a hub of technological innovation and illustrates the potential of collaborative efforts to create a brighter, more advanced future.

For more information about REaKTOR, its mission, and its services, please visit REaKTOR’s website. Together, REaKTOR and VroomBrick are set to embark on a journey of innovation and growth, marking a new chapter in the story of technology development in Hampton Roads.