By Tim Ryan

As Hampton Roads residents, we all know how important NASA is to our community. It’s a source of jobs, a driver of innovation, and a symbol of American technological prowess. But did you know that there’s a local company, Psionic, that’s playing a crucial role in the future of space exploration? Psionic, based in the REaKTOR Technology Innovation Center in Hampton, Virginia, is making a significant contribution to NASA’s upcoming Artemis mission and other space exploration efforts.

NASA has recently announced that it is partnering with 11 U.S. companies to develop technologies for long-term lunar and space exploration. The agency’s ambitious Artemis program aims to establish a sustained human presence on the Moon and ultimately launch exploratory missions to Mars and beyond. In this grand endeavor, NASA is leveraging the innovative capabilities of private sector companies, including Psionic.

Among the 11 companies selected for this initiative, Psionic is the only one from Virginia, which is a testament to the strength of our local technology and innovation ecosystem. Psionic has been awarded $3.2 million to validate No-Light Lunar Landing Technology that reduces Risk, SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power), and Cost. This technology is pivotal in ensuring a spacecraft’s successful and efficient landing on the lunar surface, particularly in areas where natural light is scarce or non-existent.

The inclusion of Psionic in NASA’s latest space technology initiative is not just a victory for the company but also for Hampton Roads. It demonstrates the quality of innovation and technology development occurring right here in our region, positioning us as a leader in the aerospace industry. This is not just about prestige; it’s also about economic development and growth. The space industry represents a massive opportunity for our region, both in terms of high-quality jobs and in attracting other technology companies.

Psionic’s contributions extend beyond the confines of the company. Its involvement in the Artemis mission places REaKTOR, our local Technology Innovation Center, on the map as a hub of cutting-edge technology development. This can boost our efforts to attract more tech startups, innovators, and investors, thereby creating a thriving tech ecosystem in Hampton Roads.

As we continue to support our local innovators, we can look forward to more success stories like Psionic’s. Psionic’s selection by NASA puts it on the same technical playing field as nationally recognized companies like Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, and United Launch Alliance. It’s a shining example of Hampton Roads’s ingenuity, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit. This not only speaks to the caliber of technology development happening in our region but also reinforces our status as a hub of aerospace innovation. Psionic’s story reminds us of the immense value of supporting our local tech industry and nurturing our homegrown companies. Their contributions will drive our regional economy forward and contribute significantly to mankind’s grand quest to explore and understand the cosmos.