By Tim Ryan

Hampton, VA – REaKTOR, a cutting-edge technology innovation center based in Hampton, Virginia, is thrilled to announce the addition of Corliss Jackson, an acclaimed government operations consultant and career strategist, as a mentor in their dynamic community. Ms. Jackson brings with her an impressive 25-year portfolio of experience in federal and organizational operations, offering invaluable guidance and insights to emerging entrepreneurs and innovators in the region.

As the CEO of Manifest Consulting Group and the founder of Federal Job Results, Ms. Jackson has a well-established track record of aiding thousands in achieving their career objectives in the federal sector. Her expertise in career development, program management, and human capital is set to enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem fostered by REaKTOR. Her role at REaKTOR involves mentoring businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those in the early stages of development, providing strategic advice, and sharing her vast knowledge on navigating the complexities of federal employment and contracting.

Ms. Jackson’s journey from a respected advisor in Washington D.C. to a mentor in Hampton Roads is marked by her passion for aiding individuals and organizations in realizing their full potential. Her recent relocation to Hampton Roads and her engagement in local community activities align perfectly with REaKTOR’s mission of driving technological and entrepreneurial advancements in the region.

REaKTOR, known for its commitment to accelerating the development of transformative solutions in high-tech, space, autonomous systems, and advanced manufacturing technologies, finds a perfect ally in Ms. Jackson. Her experience as a published author and a Certified Federal Career Strategist, coupled with her unique perspectives from working at the highest levels of federal administration, will provide REaKTOR’s community with an exceptional opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field.

With a shared vision of nurturing innovation and fostering growth, the collaboration between REaKTOR and Ms. Jackson is poised to impact Hampton’s entrepreneurial landscape significantly. Innovators, researchers, and scientists associated with REaKTOR will greatly benefit from her mentorship, enhancing their capabilities to turn groundbreaking ideas into real-world applications.

For more information on REaKTOR and its innovative programs, please visit REaKTOR‘s website.